Writing Goals on Index CardsThere are countless ways to organize your goals. Some people write them down on paper and carry it around with them wherever they go, others keep them on a Word Document or a high tech device, and others simply don’t have goals! If you don’t have goals written that you look at frequently, you need to in order to have the best success in life!

To get back to the point, goals can be written anywhere. The most important thing is that they are in a place that you will refer back to very often. If they are in a notebook and you only look at it once a month or you set goals for the New Year and never refer back to them, these may not be the best techniques. If you never look at them it defeats the point! :)

A great way to organize your goals is to put them on index cards. I have found this to be a very useful tool. Index cards are extremely inexpensive, so your goals can be tweaked and old ones thrown out with no problem.You can also archive them and keep an accomplishments stack.

The idea is that you write one goal down on each card. You can write things on the back side that will motivate you such as:

“I will feel healthy when I achieve this” or “I will be able to spend more time with my family by getting this done.”

Make sure you write down your reasons WHY. Check out my article here about “What is your “Why” and “Purpose”?” . You want to write just the goal on the front of the card and write anything else on the back. This way you are able to flip through them quickly when reviewing over them if you only have a few minutes. I personally use different action steps and write down things that will inspire me.


Here are the advantages of using this method from my own experience as well as others:

1. They allow you to focus-1 goal, 1 card. If you are having trouble with one or you want to review it more often, simply pull in out of the stack and put it aside to review more often. (Carry these around with you all day if you want).

2. They allow you to be organized-These cards can be organized and sorted through relatively easily. You can have all your “work goals” in one pile, “family goals” in another, ect. They also take up almost no room at all!

3. Can be changed and tweaked-The traditional way of writing goals is to put them on a sheet of paper, one after another. What if you want to change it/modify it? You would have to scratch though it. Not a big deal, but with index cards you can simply take the card out if you need to.

4. Portability-They can be carried around with you in your pocket all day. If you have a few minutes to spare, why not pull them out and look at them? This will make you productive during your “down” times waiting in line and such.

5. Ability to be creative-There are so many possibilities with index cards. You can be as creative as you like. You could color code them into different categories if you wanted to. You could also print them up on the computer if you are a tech computer person or just want to be super organized.


This system is a great way to organize yourself and your life. You can use index cards for goals, To-Do Lists, time management, or just about anything you want to. Get an inexpensive box to store them in for a few dollars, and then you can organize multiple sets.

The most important thing to the system is that you review over your goals at least once a week. Ideally, everyday when you wake up and when you go to sleep. Be sure to put emotion into your goals and visualize them as opposed to just reading them like it’s a chore. Go out there, have fun, and live your dream!


2 Responses to Writing Goals on Index Cards & Bonus 5 Tips

  1. Sharon Gist says:

    I love your reminder to people to put emotion into goals and visualize them. I rewrite them every day in the present tense so my brain gets to feel all the enthusiasm and Joyful Wealth, knowing they’re on the way.

    • Alexander says:

      Exactly! If there is no emotion involved, you are not going to get nearly as great results. That’s great how you rewrite them each day. Thanks for the share

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