So many people have no idea how to set goals and get what they want in life. Even if they set a goal, they have no idea what their “why” and “purpose” is. Having this purpose will help drive you forward when the going gets tough. As soon as obstacles come in the way, it is easy to give up unless you have this reason.

What is a purpose?

A purpose is the reason that will drive you to achieve anything you want in life. You can have a purpose for everything you do in life.

How do you set a successful purpose?

Make it compelling and exciting to YOU-Make the reason exciting and make sure it drives you forward. It does not matter what anyone else thinks, as long as YOU are driven by the statement. Instead of saying “I want to loose 50 pounds to feel better” say “I want to loose 50 pounds so feel vibrant, look better, and have more energy for myself and my family so we can do the things we want to do.” Do you see the difference between these two? The second one makes the end result sounds even better in the your mind.

Make it Goofy-Come up with some exciting ideas and be creative with your word choice. Make it so that when you read it out loud, you get a smile on your face. This will add emotion and will bring you even further.

Put Emotion into it- Make sure you get a feeling inside your body when you read the statement to yourself. This will allow you to follow through when the times get tough.

Try following these 3 steps and see how they work for you. You can read 100 books on goals and personal development and at least 99 of them will tell you to do this, if not 100. Also talk to many success coaches and they will give you similar advice. If you are looking for a guide to help you out, sign up to receive your free copy of “7 Steps to Create the Life You Want” to the right of this page. This is a mini course that will walk you though your goals, help you discover your purpose, and give you an action plan to go by.

What is your Purpose?




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