Go ahead and ask yourself this question and see what comes to mind. If you are not living your life to the fullest, maybe you need to change some things around. I was just thinking that so many people are not doing what they love  and instead are living the “normal” life. I met a guy the other day who owns a small music shop. He is the owner of the shop and is the only one who runs the shop. I talked to him and he told me that he wakes up everyday of his life doing what he loves. You could really see the passion in his voice while we talked. He had a display on the counter of all the concerts he has been to his entire life. There must have been cover 1,000 ticket stubs displayed plus many more in a box behind the counter. Money is not the top priority in this mans life. He is doing what he love and is able to support himself doing that.

If you think life is about having a good time and your not doing that, try figuring out what is stopping you. Try living to your full potential, whatever that definition is to you. If you go too many days in a row not enjoying your life, try changing your pattern. Reach for the stars and never…never…ever…ever let anyone get in the way of your dream and passions in life. If you let someone take control over you, you are living someone else’s life, not your own.

Go out there and take control of your own life! No one else is going do do it for you. Take control and realize there are no limits. You are in control!

Steve Jobs does a great job talking about living your dream and doing what you love in this speech that I highly recommend watching.

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