We all have different means by which we weigh success or what we define as success. However, not all of them are based on happiness or meeting our wants. Being successful in life means being happy and content.

Moreover, it means to find inner peace and tranquility, free of stress.

Every person has their own definition of success and what success means to me is probably different to what success means to you.

Many of us define happiness in terms of wealth. Depending how much wealth you have may be how you determine your success. If someone has more wealth than us then we become unhappy and discontented and do not believe we are as successful as them. There is so much wealth in the world that you will never be successful if you base your success on how much wealth you have.

On the other hand there are many of us who define success in how much power and influence we have on others. If we are able to change the outcome of anything, we are powerful and successful. Power and influence do not always make someone successful.

Then there are many of us who define success as having a good family life. These are just a few examples, but there are many more. If you take a look at these definitions, you do not see happiness or being contended anywhere. Attaining spirituality and inner peace is missing from all these definitions of success. How good is a success when all you will be left with after attaining “success” is a heart attack?

It is a superficial notion that if we have so and so, we are happy and contended. Once someone else has more or better than us, we become instantly unhappy and discontented. All are based on false notions and external factor. Why is it so difficult to attain success then?

Success is not about external things even when it is a global phenomenon to define success attributed to such. True success lies in you. How you define will make a lot of difference to whether you are successful or not. If you base it on external factors, which you have no control of you are never going to be successful. There is no true success in such things. True success comes when you are actually happy and contended with your life and anything else that happens around does not change the way you view that success. How do I attain such a success?

In order to be truly successful, you need to work on your personal traits. Work on developing your personality. Work on your communication. Work on your people skills. Work on thinking positively. Work on eating and living healthily. Work on leading a focused and conscious lifestyle. You need to come out of your materialistic lifestyle and start living spiritually. You need to make effort to find your soul within you. You need to act and bring your life in order. Success is never about chasing anything. It is about finding inner peace and tranquility. These are anecdotes that cleanse you from within. They help you align you with our true self and thus you will find success within you.

So, what does success mean to you?


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