How much time are you wasting when you could be doing other things? Most people waste so much time everyday that it is almost scary to see if you add it all up. A great technique I have been using for years is called “No Extra Time” (NET). Tony Robbins is a big believer in this and talks about it all the time.

People think they don’t have enough time in their life everyday. However, there are things you can do while achieving other things that require no extra time. You can be listening to audio programs, books on tape, or something similar when you would probably be doing nothing otherwise.

Take for example driving in a car. You can drive and listen to your favorite book on audio. That’s an entire hour a day for most people if not more.

What about working out? Why not listen to an inspirational message and feed your mind while you workout?

Cleaning the house?

Going Grocery Shopping?


Here is a great example of Tony Robbins using NET Time to exercise. He works on his emails while walking for hours! Now how is that for NET time? Take a look: How do you walk everyday when there’s no time? Use NET time. Here’s Tony in Fiji showing you how.
You can multitask with so many things in your life and achieve things with NET Time. Using this simple technique, you can increase your knowledge and productivity though the rough!

Maybe you will actually enjoy that drive to work ;-)


2 Responses to Using No Extra Time (NET)

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