I just got back from Tony Robbins Unleash the Power Within in Long Beach California last week. I was fortunate enough to be one of the crew members of this event, meaning I got to see everything from a different perspective than the participants. This was my first time in southern California, which made this trip even more exciting! When I was there I made sure to spend some time in the area around the nice beaches and made sure to get some exercise out in the beautiful weather. Compared to Florida, the weather was amazing and perfect for running.

Day 1
We began the day nice and early around 6:30am and started with a meeting to explain how the day was going to work. My position was a state inducer, which consisted of greeting and welcoming people as they came to the event for registration. This was an amazing experience, because I got to meet so many different types of people from all walks of life. Next, as the event was beginning, we got into our next positions. My position was an usher. This was a great experience because I got to help keep up the energy in the main room whenTony is on stage. Later that night, everyone did the firewalk. It was a little different this event because the firewalk was about three city blocks away from the venue. We saw some onlookers wondering what was going on as 3,000 people marched the streets at 12am! This night was an amazing experience and seeing the participants before and after was amazing.

Day 2
Today was another early day and started off with an optional presentation with Stu Middleman. For those of you who don’t know, Stu ran 1000 miles in 11 days! He also
ran from San Diego to New York City (3,000 miles) in 56 days. Thats more than two marathons a day for 56 days in a row! This man was absolutely amazing to listen to. Also as a large group, we all went outside and found our threshold level for exercise. After this presentation, I continued with my usher position throughout the day. During some breaks we had the opportunity to attend some excellent skill sessions. One of the sessions was conducted my a man named Gary King. Gary has worked closely with Tony Robbins for many years and had some very interesting material to present. We disused the Happiness Formula. I will be writing a post about that soon. We also got to do a really neat exercise with our fellow crew members than was about accountability. We basically discussed our top goals at the moment and exchanged contact information to make sure we hold each other accountable. Another fun thing I got to do was usher during the mirroring and matching exercise again. Basically doing this exercise, made someone have the same thought and emotions of another person simply by matching and mirroring their body language and facial expressions. This is a really cool technique of NLP. We wrapped up the night and got some sleep for the big day to follow.

Day 3
Saturday was another amazing day that started with our crew meeting before the doors opened. I got to be one of the dancers on stage as the doors were opening. The job of the dancers is to build the energy in the room and get everyone ready for Tony to come out on stage. Since I am a very high energy person, this was perfect for me and lots of fun too! After dancing, I continued on with the day and I got to be in the main room for most of the day ushering and assisting people as needed. One of the crew skill sessions was really cool and Debra Bonner came in to help us learn to sing and improve our voice. She has been teaching voice for 40 years and is very good at what she does. I am not a very good singer, but her techniques seemed very effective for anyone wanting to improve their voice. I got one of her CD’s and am looking forward to seeing how it helps my voice. The rest of the day, the participants went through something called the Dicken’s process, which completely shift a persons beliefs in just a few hours. This is a transformation that can’t even be described in words. This might be the highlight of the entire weekend for the participants. Tony also did some visualization exercises at the same time that were very impactful. To conclude the night, there was a massive water fight. Having a water fight with 3,000 other people is very intense and so much fun! Before the crew left that evening, we all had a picture with Tony and he came out and talked to us for a few minutes. Everyone went back and got some sleep to be ready for the 4th and final day.

Day 4
Today was more of an easy going day for both the crew and participants. However, at the same time it was one of the most important days. Health Day. Without health, we can’t survive. We had a few more skill sessions that really brought up different views of living. We talked about kedo a little bit and did some rally neat exercises to show how energy has a larger role in our life than we might think and that there is so much we are not aware of as humans. After these sessions everything was beginning to wrap up for the participants. We went back to the main room to wrap up the evening and keep the energy up as the participants left the event. After, I helped out with the load out team and called it a night.

Overall, this weekend was life changing for the 3,000 participants and for myself. It even reminded and reinforced many of the things that I learned during my first event of Tony’s last year. I would recommend to everyone to go to one of Tony Robbins events. At the very least make sure to feed your mind with positive information. If you have any questions, feel free to ask or leave comments below.


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  2. Hi there!!
    I had the Amazing experience of UPW in Aug 2010 in LB… that has been the greatest gift from my wife!!

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