Mistakes are stepping stones to success. Everyone needs to make mistakes in order to learn. If you never made a mistake in your life, it could be that you are God or that you have never tried doing anything worthwhile in your life. It is difficult to understand why making mistakes is important when mistakes are frowned upon by society. No one likes to be proven wrong and mistakes can be quite costly in some matters. However, if you do not make mistakes, you will never grow up or become mature enough to deal with the complexities of life. Never failing means failing to learn. With every mistake, there are valuable lessons to be learned.

I was ice skating the other day and note that I’m not the best ice skater. I realized that by making mistakes and falling a few times was actually beneficial because it made me try to skate even better. If I was playing safe and did not want to risk falling, I would not have gotten better by the end of the night.

Of course, no one wants to make mistakes. No one wants to be brought to the limelight and be embarrassed because of mistakes made, such as falling and looking like an idiot on the ice :) . Do note that we are talking here about mistakes that were unintentional. Careless mistakes are not intended here.

Many of the big shots of our world have only attained greatness and wealth because of the constant mistakes they had made. Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Mahatma Gandhi and many others have made many mistakes. It is because they learned from those mistakes that make them part of the history! They were willing to get out of their comfort zone and take risks.

Making a mistake is never a failure. We all need to make mistakes from time to time in order for us to align ourselves with reality. What is intolerable is getting stuck in the rut! When you make a mistake and think that your life will end there, you are not worthy of forgiveness. You need to take making mistakes as part and parcel of life. With that comes the added responsibility of learning from that mistake and most importantly, never making the same mistake ever again!

If you fall and just lie there, you will not achieve anything. If you fail, to rise again, you are giving up and nothing can be achieved up a give up mentality. Next time you make a mistake, do the following. You will not only feel better, but will also find ways to correct your mistake.

Think about what happened and how it happened. Think through what could have worked better. Look into yourself and ask whether is the knowledge you have enough to get through the task at hand or do you need to consult someone.

These are snippets of the analysis you could do based on the mistake made. Next you need to come up with the courage to face the music for your mistake. No one said you will not be punished. You may get away. However, in order for you to come to terms with it, you need to apologize or make it right with the person you wronged with. It could be your project team, your neighbors, even yourself or anyone for that matter.

Making mistakes is a part of normal life. Understanding and learning from them makes you a mature and well rounded individual. Owning up for the mistake and making it good will make you rise in the eyes of everyone and earn you respect. Next time you are thinking about running and hiding from your mistake, think again.

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