Do you ever have times in your life where you are unproductive and get into a bad habit?

You might get distracted by a Facebook notification and spend the next hour looking at pictures of your “friends” random mobile uploads and “like” many of them.

Perhaps you turn on the TV to find out the weather and end up watching five reruns of I Dream of Jeannie.

Maybe you start watching TV and end up eating a entire bag of chips and chug down the rest of that 2 liter Coke.

Or maybe you take a “break” by watching one youtube video and end up watching the Evolution of Dance and 20 other videos that added no value to your day.

Now my question to you is: Are any of these things “bad”? Absolutely not. We all have times where want to get away from things and just need a break from whatever we are doing. However, it starts getting “bad” when these things start controlling your life and your productivity starts going way down.

The trick is to find habits that will be good for you and have a positive impact on your well being. You want to find things that will start empowering you and make your quality of life even better. I am going to assume that just like a normal growing human being, that you want your life to grow and get even better. In order for this to occur you simply need to find some empowering things to do in your life. Try replacing your current habits with things that are more fulfilling/empowering/meaningful/healthier. Here are just a few examples:

1. Replace Facebook with reading
2. Replace soda with water, tea, or a juice
3. Replace sleeping in with exercise
4. Replace playing video games with learning a new hobby
5. Replace a bag of chips with fresh fruit
6. Replace a donut with a protein bar (but not the sugary ones!)

These are just a few ideas of things you could replace in your life. Once again remember that you DO NOT need to replace EVERYTHING. If you replace just a few of your habits a week, you will start to notice results.

Decide to change one habit this week. See how it goes and then change one habit every several weeks. You will be surprised how quickly things turn around and how much more productive you will become.


One Response to Replacing Your Habits

  1. This is by far the best honest post I read today. Doesn’t matter it is short, as it is about quality and wisdom.
    I tend to replace a thing or two every month, just for the sake of not getting used to a certain routine. I try to create healthy habits and I already stopped consuming coffee and alcohol and sugary snacks, and, as far as Facebook is in question, I never even liked it specially.

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