When was the last time you added value to the world? If you think about it, adding value is the only way for create a difference and an income. If you currently have a job, they only reason you get paid is because you are adding value to the business or company you work for. (Or at least the company thinks you are. It is very hard to measure the exact impact that many positions bring in unless you are in a sales role). If you work for yourself, the only way to stay in business is to add more value than anyone else is.

Adding more value than anyone else is the only way to stay in business long term.

You can add value by producing content, providing a service, offering a product, helping a business (working in finance, manual labor, etc.), working in sales, providing entertainment, giving someone an experience, or anything that puts value in peoples lives.

The moment you stop providing value to the business you work for or your own business, things will start to go down hill. If a business is all about taking and not giving to its customers, this is also a red flag.

We have all heard about those classified ads in the newspaper that say “Make $1,000 a week from home in just minutes a day. Just send $10 and a self addressed envelope and we will show you how.” You then send them $10 and you receive a letter back that says “Place an ad in the paper like the one you responded to and have them send you $10. Then send them this exact response back. Do this over and over and people will start sending you money.”

The problem here is that there is no value being added in this situation. This is the same  with some network marketing companies that don’t have an actual product to sell, but rather are selling the lifestyle. These schemes might last for a little while, but in the long term will fail because of not providing value to the world.

Ask yourself, “How do I provide value each and everyday and how can I provide more than what people expect of me?”

Providing more value than what people expect is how you will succeed when other businesses are being shut down and others are being laid off.

Now go out there in the world and provide more than what anyone else expects of you!


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