What is the best way to get something done?

The answer:
Do a little bit everyday. That is, break everything into smaller chunks and do a little bit at a time.

You would be suprised how quickly you can get something done if you just get started and do everything bit by bit. Something that seems like a huge project can be broken down into smaller chunks and can be done a little bit at a time to complete the project. Take for example writing a book. If you take the time and write JUST 1 PAGE A DAY for a year, you would have a pretty long book! If you spent just 30 minutes a day writing this book, it would be done before you know it. 30 minutes a day=over 180 hours in a year! So many people make everything a HUGE project. However, if you just do a little bit at a time, you would be surprised how quickly it will get done.

Here are some things you could use this method for:

1. writing a book
2. learning a language
3. learning any new skill (hobby)
4. planning an event (a party, wedding, house party, ect)
5. working out and exercising
6. readings books
7. learning to play an instrument
8. blogging
9. marketing your company
10. learning new skills for your job to get a promotion
11. completing an ecourse/audio program 12. cleaning your house

So, find something you have been putting off and start by doing a little bit at a time and chunking it into smaller tasks. Don’t let another day pass you by without working on something you need to do that may be a dream in your life. You can make anything happen if you chunk it up.

When do I do these things?

The answer: Anytime! Here are 5 great times to work on chunking:

1. before bed
2. as soon as you get up
3. a break you have
4. while waiting in line (you can think and brainstorm)

Don’t waste another minute of free time doing absolutely nothing or checking your Facebook for the 20th time today! Instead, take that time and be productive. A few minutes here and there really adds up. Chunk that project down into smaller tasks and do it today!

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