Making 2012 Your Best Year

How was your New Years? How about your New Years Resolutions? So many people tend to create their resolutions and goals, yet never follow through on them and end up breaking them within the first few weeks, first week, or even days. Here are a few things you can do right now that can help you keep your outcomes and resolutions to get the goal you really want and deserve. Since this info is timeless, no matter when you are reading this, these tips will help your personal development and will help you achieve your goals in the future.

1. Write them down-Write down your goals on paper and review them on a consistent basis. The simple act of writing them down, will help you achieve them. This sounds SO BASIC, but is one of the most important things you can do, so you hit the target. Make sure your goals are specific and have a date in which you will achieve them.

2. Learn to use “block time”- Schedule time every day to work on your goals and projects. Even if you only spend 15 minutes a day working on something, you will have spent almost 2 hours helping achieve this goal. Doing this will allow you to get more accomplished that you might have thought. Chances are once you start something you will spend more that 15 minutes also.

3. Tell other people-Have other people hold you accountable to your goals and outcomes.  Having people hold you accountable can be one of the strongest things to do because then you are letting down other people and not just your self. If you tell 10 people that you are going to exercise 5 times a week, your going to think twice when you feel like not working out. A great free online tool you and your friends can use is Joe’s Goals at This is a way to share your goals with either your friends or other people online and makes it super simple to keep track of them. It will take you less than 5 minutes to get up and running.

4. Make your goals compelling-Find ways to enjoy your goals. Maybe its listening to music or an audiobook when you workout. Finding ways to make it fun it very important so that you will be inspired to complete them. Even things that seem like “work” can be made fun. Try rewarding yourself after spending time “working” and make it a game to complete as much as you can before a timer goes off. There are thousands of ways to make things more fun.

5. Write down your reason “why”-Know the reason “why” you want to do something. See the end in mind and this will help motivate you. Having a reason “why” will help motivate you when the going gets tough. You will be able to see your real purpose which will drive you much further. Be sure to read my post here for more detailed information about What is your “Why” and “Purpose”?

Some of these things might seem so simple, but doing them can make a big difference in your life and help you actually achieve your goals and outcomes in life. I narrowed down everything into the 5 steps I think are some of the most important and I recommended that you use all of them. At the very least pick one or two and start using them for a week and you will start to see a difference in your life. Take action on these and put them to use.

Go out there and make this the best year ever!


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