What does it mean to live your life with no regrets?

It means that each day when you go to bed, you did everything that you could and lived that day full out.

It means that you talked to that cute person in line you wanted to talk to, you made a step further in reaching your goals, and that there were no “I wish I had’s” that day.

If you were to go out each day and really live life on your terms, you will be surprised on how much more fulfilling your life will be and how many more experiences you will have. Don’t let your friends hold you back or tell you that you can’t do something. If you find this happening, then you need to surround yourself with a better peer group and find more supportive friends.

Living each day without regrets might be a challenge at first because it is going to make you get out of your comfort zone. There might be something you want to do, but are simply afraid to do because you don’t want to be “judged” or don’t want other people to look at you. At the end of the day keep in mind that who cares what other people think. Don’t let what other people think make you not do what you truly want to do.

The people that make history and set new examples are the ones who are constantly living to their highest standard and living with no regrets.

I encourage you to challenge yourself and spend the next 10 days living life on your terms and not being held back. Live with no regrets!


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