Life is Like GolfI was at TPC (The Players Championships) for this past weekend to watch a great championship of golf. It was interesting to compare how similar golf is to your life and getting everything you want. I got to see all different parts of the game and started to really see what it took for each golfer to succeed. For those of you who have never been to a golf tournament in person, you are really missing out. It is completely different from what you see on TV (much like any live event verses television). You can really follow one player or just stay on one hole and watch. The pace is much different from what it is like on TV.

Your life should be like a round of golf.

1. Find a strategy and ritual
2. Adjust and evaluate it
3. Focus and concentrate
4. Take notes

Every player has their own strategy and had a different ritual before hitting the ball, even though the outcome is the exactly the same (to get the ball in the hole). I sat a one of the holes for a some time and watched as all of the players got ready to swing the club and hit the ball. While everyone hit the ball, each person had a different strategy to prepare themselves. Some players were extremely focused and had a ritual before they hit such as: setting up the ball, taking a few practice swings, concentrating on where they wanted to hit the ball, and finally hitting it. Others had different steps they took such as closing their eyes for a few seconds.

Golf is a lot like your life. You must have a set of things you do everyday to get you on the right track. After you take the swing you must evaluate what you did and reposition yourself to succeed. There might just be a simple thing you need to change in order to get the result. However, just like any good golfer, you need to look at what you did and reevaluate to get the best result.

Even though everyone has slightly different strategies, I noticed that everyone playing had a huge amount of FOCUS and CONCENTRATION. They all knew that they had to concentrate if they wanted to succeed. They also looked at what works and if it did not work, they would reevaluate. In life, you have to focus on something in order to achieve. If your brain is all over the place, your not going to be able to get where you want to go.

All of the players also took notes and kept records about each hole. They all got to practice a few days before the tournament started. They took notes about what to do when the wind was going a certain way and what happens when the ball goes into the sand. In life you must know what works and what doesn’t. The only way to do this is keeping records to you can change your approach. DON’T DO THE SAME THING AND EXPECT DIFFERENT RESULTS! This is the definition of insanity!

Think for a moment and try to apply these strategies to your life. Follow the 4 steps above and let me know what you think.

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