Learning From Books

It can be extremely easy to fall into the trap of letting life get in the way of your learning. Most people go to school in their early years and stop pursuing their education because life gets in the way.

In order to live the best life possible, you must never stop learning.

Are you constantly learning new things? How many books a year do you read? How many educational courses do you partake in every year? This might be a weekend seminar or even a home study course.

I always have a list of books and courses on my waiting list to read and go through. I know that I must always be feeding my mind with new material.

Why read books and what kind of books should I read?
Reading is vital to maintaining a better quality of life.  Both fiction and non-fiction books can serve to teach you life lessons. I typically focus on reading non-fiction books because if someone has spent years or even decades packing all of their knowledge into a book, I am able to absorb all of their knowledge in a few hours by reading their book. If you learn one idea, you can change your entire life.

How do you make time for reading?
The best way to find time is to schedule time to read every single day. I use the time right before I go to bed to read something. I might read for 5 minutes or even an hour. No matter how little time you have even 5 minutes a day adds up at the end of the month.  The most important thing is to do a little bit every single day no matter how small it seems.

Finding books to read
I’m always talking to people and looking up new books to read. it’s important to read some of the classic books such as Think and Grow Rich as well as newer books come on the market. Most of the books I read are in the field of personal development including time management, productivity, motivation, and health and fitness.  I also read a lot of books on  marketing, social media, and speaking.  I own a variety of different books and also get some at the public library. I have found that the best method is to buy books that you know you’re going to want to go back to and reference at a later time take a lot of notes in. Books I get at the library are usually ones that I am not too familiar with or just need to do some research on a current project of mine. If it’s a great book I will usually end up buying in on Amazon.

Reading is so important and in order to be a leader or a person of influence, constantly learning is vital to your success.  Take the challenge and read at least 1 book per month and you will be surprised how much you will learn this year!


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