Positive thinking can change your life for the better. Many people believe that thinking positive thoughts will do nothing and is perceived as a waste of time and energy. Nothing is going to change JUST by thinking positively. You need to ACT on it as well. However, putting yourself in this mind set and way of thinking can greatly change your life.

What is positive thinking?

Positive thinking is a mental attitude and requires constant reminders and practice before it becomes inbuilt in you. Positive thinking helps you create positive vibes around you that can translate to others feeling the vibes as well. Positive thinking helps you be healthy as it reduces the stress hormones in your body. It also opens up new ways of dealing with things that are beyond your control.

How can you start thinking positively?

1. Replace all negative words with positive ones

Words such as “No” and “Don’t” are negative in nature. Avoid them. Replace them with positive ones such as “Possible,” and “Can” This lifts the mood instantly and removes negative vibes. When you start talking positively, you will behave positively and will then think positively. This takes conscious effort and will become easier with time. Try playing a game with a friend. Every time one of you uses a negative word, owe them a dollar or something similar. This way, you are consciously eliminating the negatives from your mind. Many people don’t realize that they are as negative as they might be which is why having someone else reminding you is helpful.

2. Practice positive affirmations

Positive affirmations do a lot of good for your mind, body and soul. When you wake up in the morning and say “It’s going to be a long and tiring day!” you can be rest assured it will be like that. If you wake up and say, “Today I am going to finish that project early and spend some time with my friend at the café,” You can also be rest assured that this is going to happen as well. Therefore, speak to yourself every now and then and reaffirm positively.

3. Read Inspirational books and more about positive thinking and using your mind power

Reading has been a powerful tool for a long time. There are so many books written on positive affirmations, positive thinking and building a powerful mind. If you are looking for a place to start, try looking into some of Tony Robbins materials. I highly recommend his work because he is very authentic and is extremely knowledgable in the subject. Other great people to look into are Jack Canfield, Jim Rohn, and Wayne Dyer. If you want a complete list of books I recommend, feel free to contact me and I’ll send you a list of my favorites.

4. Be around people who are positive

When you are going to make the best decision of your life, the last thing you need is negative people around you. Negative people have a powerful way of pulling your efforts down and make you into a negative person as well. Everyone has these types of people in their life, but the key is to try not to associate yourself with these people as much as possible. Take a look at your best friends. They say that the closest people to you are like the people you will become. Is this what you want? If not, you may want to try and change this.

5. Tune your body language to speak positively

Speak, sit and walk positively. Sit upright and straight with confidence. This will help you generate the much needed positive vibes. Walk with a straight posture. Your body language speaks volumes about you and when your body language is positive, you will be able to continue with the positive thinking with little effort.

Positive thinking is vital for the well being of the mind, body and soul. If you want to lead a stress free life, the above 5 steps will help you make a start. Many push aside the notion of positive thinking as being cliché. You can’t blame them as you need to understand that those people, who scoff at the idea of positive thoughts when so many negatives are happening in the world, are unaware of the benefits of positive thinking and how it can make life a lot easier and happier. Yes, there are so much happening in the world around you. Earthquakes, tsunamis, poverty, war etc. However, can you stop living because of these calamities? Obviously not! Therefore, try and be happy in your own world at least. Practice positive thinking and you will see a difference in attitude as well as your aptitude.

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