So many of us get caught up with everything in our life and we tend to forget what we are striving for. We might have many goals in our life, but as we move through life we forget how much we really want them. If your ultimate dream is to start your own business and you have gotten off track for whatever reason, you need to focus on the end result. What would happen if you achieved your dream already? How would it make you feel? What would you be able to do and how would your life change? It might be a small change or a drastic change. What would you be able to do in your free time? By doing this simple exercise you will be able to see what life would be like if you already achieved your goal.
It is easy to get caught up in all the little things in life when trying to achieve your goal, but you MUST focus on why you wanted it in the first place. I s your goal is to start your own business? Ask yourself why you want this and what it will ultimately mean for you. Is it so that you can work from home or so you can be your own boss? Is it so that you can be financially wealthy and be able to do more with your family and go on exotic vacations ? You are the only one who at knows what it is in your situation. Let’s say your goal is to lose weight. Why do you want to do this? What will you ultimately achieve? Do you want to lose weight so that you will live a better lifestyle and so that you will live longer? Is it so that people will have a better impression of you ? For most people it is a combination of these questions as well as some personal things .

[box]Now, the question to ask yourself is : “What will happen if I have achieved my dream and how will I feel?”[/box]

If you have enough motivation, you can do anything you want to do. Here are some things that will strongly help you achieve what you want in your life and will help you focus on the end result. You must use constant reminders so that you never lose sight of your goal. Here are some tips to do so:

1. Be reminded constantly -you should be able to visually see your goal at least 5 to 6 times per day at the least. These reminders can be in all sorts of forms, such as printouts of your goals that are around your house or office. It might be a Post-It note in your office drawer that you open several times throughout the day. It may even be as high tech as setting your goal as a background image on your phone or computer. The most important thing is that it works for you. Doing this allows your mind to see it as if it is real.

2. Set in the positive and make it exciting -make sure your goal is set in a positive tone to make it more enjoyable for you. For example, if you goal is to exercise. Write, “Exercise to music and have fun” instead of ” Exercise “. Little things like this will help motivate you.

3. Be Specific -This is so important! If your goal is to lose weight, don’t just write ” lose weight”. Instead write “Loose X pounds by X date”. If you want more money, write “Make X dollars by X date”. You will find this tip in so many books including a very popular title, “Think and Grow Rich”.

3. Discuss it with others - It’s important to discuss your goal with other people for several reasons. First, it will help motivate you and at times when you are discouraged, they will be able to help you. Second, it holds you to an obligation and you will be letting others down if you don’t follow through. It’s one thing if you don’t do something, but if someone is expecting you to do something, that might give you that extra push.

4. Use index cards for goals - I know of people that use an index card system to help organize their goals and have been very successful. It is a very basic system and consists of one goal per note card. This is a very efficient system because you are able to organize them however you would like and you can focus on certain goals.

5. Use a goal book /vision board - This is one of my favorites. I personally use a photo album book that has all of my goals in it. They consist of short term and long term goals. Almost the entire thing consists of pictures and short phrases of things I want to achieve. This helps me visually see what I want and being able to imagine it helps a lot. Some people use vision boards which has the same idea. I like being able to have a book so that it is easy to transport and put away.

Go ahead and use thes tips provided and see what they can do to help change the quality of your life. You would be suprises on how little changes can make a huge difference.

Have fun!

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