What passions do have in life? What could you do for hours and days with pure excitement that would fulfill you? Perhaps its volunteering, gardening, computer programing, helping kids, reading, blogging, woodworking, fitness, or kayaking.

What would you do everyday if you never had to worry about money and you could do these things you liked all day, everyday? Really think about it and figure out how much time in a given month you do these things your passionate about.

Perhaps you have a long list of things your love doing. Are you actually finding time for these things or are you letting life get in the way? See, many people I have talked to, have passions and dreams that they never end up fulfilling because they think they don’t have “time” or “money” to do these things. Or they think that they are too “old” or that its too complicated to start.

Here is the thing, if you added up all the free time you have in a given day, you might just be surprised how much time you actually have free that is unproductive. Take into consideration the time you drive to work when you could be listening to audio programs,  or the coffee breaks, or the times you are being unproductive at home.

If you start by taking one simple step at a time to live your dreams and passions, you will be starting to get there. It does not take 5 hours a day to get what you want in life. It can help, but is certainly not the only way.

If you find 30 minutes a day to focus on your passion, you will be on your way to doing something that fulfills you is something you are meant to do.

30 minutes a day for an entire year is the equivalent of over 4, 40 hour work weeks! That’s an entire month of working!

Everything adds up and you should have no excuse for not finding that time to discover your passion and living it.

Now lets say your still wondering, “How do I find my passion?” Ask yourself what you would do for fun and free, if you never had to worry about working another day in your life. Make a list of these things and start living them everyday.

If you live more aligned with your passion, you will be much freer from all the stresses in your life and one day will be able to live to your full calling in life.

Find your passion and start living it!


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