I wanted to share a quick message with you to encourage you to enjoy the simple things in your life every single day. I don’t know exaclty where you are in life right now. Perhaps you are struggling with finances, a relationship, family, or perhaps things are going unbelievably great at the moment.
Either way, take a few moments after you read this to appreciate the small things in life.

It might be the trees outside your office, the stars in the sky, a phone call from a friend, the fact you are alive, a bird in a tree, the roof over your head, or the great people in your life.

You see, we all get caught up every day with so called “life” get we forget how good we really have it. I’m NOT saying its okay to settle and not want to achieve more if that’s what you feel you are meant to do. I’m saying that by appreciating the little things in life your mind will open up and allow you to do great things.

If you can’t appreciate the simple things in life, how do you expect God (the universe, nature or whatever you believe) to open up bigger and better things in your life?

Take this simple message today, appreciate, and be grateful for these little things in life. You will be surprised how your life can shift in such a short period of time.



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