What does it take to be successful in life? Think about it for a moment…

There are many different areas of success and success to you might be different to you that it is to me or your friend named John.

There is financial success, spiritual success, relationship success, and many other types. We all value things differently which is what makes us all unique. I know people that have all the money they could dream of, but are completely miserable. Then I also know people that have little to no money and are some of the most grateful and thoughtful people I have ever met. We all know of celebrities that seem to have it all, but end up being miserable.

So let me ask you again. What does success mean to you?

To me, success is the ability to do what I want, when I want, with whomever I want. It is having the time and financial freedom to travel, spend time with like minded individuals, and live life on my terms.

Now, how does one create success in life?

You must know what you want in life and create a plan of action to achieve it. Do you have a clear vision for where you are headed in life? If you are reading this, I’m guessing you might have an idea, but it might not be exactly sure. You must be laser focused and have a clear vision for success in your life. Do you know what you want your relationships to look like? Your finances? Your career? The spiritual part of life?

If you don’t know these answers, I want you to take 15 minutes to define these areas as if you could have anything you want in life. Do not hold back! If you don’t know the answer, make something up. At least you will now have something to set your mind on. Its better to have an imperfect goal/outcome than to have no goal or dream at all.

Once you know what you want, figure out the reason WHY you want it. Is it to show what is possible? Is it for your kids? Is it to please God? Only you know this.

Now, start writing down what you can start doing this week to achieve your goals. If you want to loose 50 pounds, its not going to happen overnight, however you can start to see results this week though your energy levels and motivation. Go tell your friends or consider hiring a coach to keep you accountable.

Its better to take imperfect action than no action at all!


1. Determine exactly what you want.
2. Determine WHY you want it.
3. Determine a strategy
4. Share with a friend or coach to be held accountable
5. Take Action-Its better to take imperfect action than no action at all!

It takes a commitment to excellence to achieve greatness in your life. Go out there and make things happen in your life starting TODAY!


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