Are you responsible for your own life or do you blame other people for what is going on in your life?

Let me tell you that you are the only person who is ultimately responsible for what happens in your life. You are responsible for your finances, happiness, fun, passion, work, and everything else that occurs in your life. Some people don’t like to hear this, but its ultimately the truth.

You can’t blame other people for whats wrong in your life. Instead of blaming other people/events/situations, take the time to realize that YOU can change anything you want and make it better. You must get over your current system of blaming people for what is ultimately your fault.

This means that you can’t blame the government for not having a job.

You can’t blame your boss for being unhappy.

You can’t blame the driver next to you for your problems.

As responsible and growing people, we have to take control of our own lives and realize that our mindset is what is holding us back in our life. Our mindset is the only things stopping us from succeeding and advancing. Understanding WE are in control and that OUR mindset is what allows us to advance in life is the first step to living a better life and creating the best life possible for you and the people around you.

Go out and start taking control of your own life and don’t let anything stop you along the way!



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