A very powerful tool to help you grow is known as the “10 Day Challenge”. What if you started a new hobby, business, wrote a book, started exercising and could maintain this the rest of your life? How would you feel? All of this is possible with starting a trial and its very simple.

The basic technique is: Try something for 10 days, and if you want you can go back  to your old habit on day 11.

The reason this technique is so powerful is because you can pretty much tell your mind to do anything for 10 days. So many people want to change a habit, but they tell themselves “I can’t do this forever” or “It’s too hard to stop this habit.” When you tell yourself that it is only temporary and that after 10 days can go back to the old habits, it seems much more doable. So, what happens after the 10 days? You would be surprised how easy it is to go to day 11, 15, 20, 30, and even longer. It becomes addicting and you start getting into the routine of doing it everyday. They say it takes 21 days to start a habit, but 10 days is pretty much halfway there!

Even if you don’t continue the habit after the 10 days, you have still made progress in your life. For example, if you decide to read for an hour for 10 days and stop reading on day 11, you still gained 10 hours of reading!

Here are some ideas to get your mind thinking of the different possibilities you can do with this method:

1. Exercise everyday-this could be walking, running, lifting weights, yoga, or anything similar.

2. Starting a Diet-perhaps you want to cut sugar out of your diet,  stop drinking soda, stop smoking, be a vegetarian, or vegan.

3. Write a book-are you trying to write that novel? A little bit of writing everyday will help you get there.

4. Journal-keep a journal of your memories, ideas, or activities.

5. Meditate

6. Read-read that book you have been trying to finish or pick up a a new one and enjoy it.

7. Give up something-could be Facebook, TV, a bad habit, or anything you want.

8. Start a new hobby-start up golfing, boating, building model planes, magic, or anything you have been wanting to learn.

9. Be spiritual-spend time with God and your creator.

10. Sell something-list something on Ebay or Craigslist

11. Clean your house-clean one room a day for 10 days

12. Go out every night-do something fun like going to the mall, bar, museum, park, or a favorite place of yours. It is sure to be a fun 10 days!

13. Listen to an audio program or book on tape-take that set of tapes off the bookshelf and put them to use.

14. Cook dinner-Do you eat out a lot? Try making dinner at home everyday. It can be a fun experience and can save a lot of money also.

No matter what your decide to add or take away from your lifestyle, make sure to COMPLETELY commit and set the time aside to do this. Tell others what your doing so they will hold you accountable.

What will your 10 day trial be?


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