Being fit and healthy has a lot of benefits. This is probably not breaking news to you. However, it is necessary that you read this phrase over and over again so that you are enticed and motivated to start getting in shape or to stay in shape!

Keeping fit and healthy improves your blood circulation and keeps your weight in check which could otherwise lead to heart problems. It also lifts your mood and helps you stay focused and attentive for extended period of time.

If you have been putting off exercise and are contemplating to come back to it, think no more. Getting back in shape is very achievable and can be done with some simple everyday activities.

Drink water

Water is one of the most important elements you need to include in your diet, if you are looking to get into shape. Many of us face the problem of water retention which could actually be the cause of your bulging tummy. When you do not consume enough water throughout the day, your body takes the cue from you and retains water in your body for future consumption when you do consume water. This is not good. You need to consume water at regular intervals and depending on the weather, adjust your intake as well.

How much water is necessary in a day? Only you can answer that question. In order to be on the safe side, you need to make sure that you are never thirsty. In other words, do not wait until you are thirsty to reach for your water. The average person who does not exercise a lot should have at least 8 glasses per day. Athletes should consume even more!

Eat in moderation –Do not count calories

Counting calories can become obsessive and may even make you anorexic. Leave the counting game and just start eating in moderation. You will be doing your body a great service if you eat in moderation, the foods from the food pyramid. Reduce your refined food intake and absolutely stop eating fried foods. These are horrible for you! Eat small portions at regular intervals. This way, your system functions at regular intervals and helps you burn more calories than if you had 3 big meals in a day.

Avoid snacking

That is self explanatory. However, if you do need to snack, have some fruits or nuts handy. Especially when you are starting out, you will feel that you are feeling hungrier than ever. In such instances, it is easy to fall back on your old ways. To curb the craving, make sure you munch on some fruit and nuts instead.

Walk – increase your steps

If you are driving, try parking your car further away and walk. (You will also save time trying to find a parking space). If you travel by bus or train, try getting off at the stop before yours and walk. This way, you will be walking more steps. If your job requires you to be seated for long periods, you need to get out once in a while and walk as well. Take a walk around your building maybe as a stretching break. Starting your “get in shape”  plan with walking is good as it helps you to gain momentum as well as loosen your stiff muscles.


If you have not been exercising or as much as you should, you should start stretching before you begin any vigorous exercises. Take a few minutes and stretch before exercising so you lower the risk for injury.


Cycling to work or to the grocery shop will help you start getting your body in shape. Cycling works your ab muscles and thigh muscles. These are areas where most fat deposits are. As you cycle, you will be focusing on more targeted areas and this will help you get in shape faster. Cycling can also be a lot of fun!

Start building lean fat

If you are planning to stay in shape, you need to build lean muscles. Lean muscles help to burn calories even when you are sleeping. This way, your body will be able to flush out unwanted fats and calories on its own. In order for you to do this, you need a weight training program to be chartered into your schedule. It is best to get access to a gym or a private fitness instructor. You might also be surprised how much you can do at home with a little investment in some weights

Getting in shape means a healthier, happier you! A brand new you! Your body is an asset. How you take care of it will ensure how your body takes care of you. Just like any machine, you body also needs oiling. Feeding it healthy balanced food and exercising provides the needed oil for your health.

Feeling lethargic, gaining weight, mood swings, and health problems are all results of the unhealthy food you eat and your lack of steam for exercise. If you have been in this rut for long now, it is time you get up and get moving. Vigorous exercises can come later. First, you need to start moving your body towards a regular exercise routine and a healthy diet. I typically exercise between 4 and 6 days per week. I do a lot of running as well as cross training, cycling, and weights. Follow all the rules given above and you will be on your way. Your body will thank you once you start taking care of it. So wait no more.


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