Why do some people live a life of complete chaos and others have a strong vision and plan for their life? The answer is the standards that we set for ourself. We all live by certain rules and regulations and we are governed by a body that keeps us in check from time to time. The quote below provides insight into the importance of having standards in a man’s life.

[box]“If you don’t set a baseline standard for what you’ll accept in life, you’ll find it’s easy to slip into behaviors and attitudes or a quality of life that’s far below what you deserve.”-Tony Robbins[/box]

Tony Robbins is an internationally acclaimed speaker who conducts many seminars around the world. He has coached many top names including Serena Williams, Andre Agassi, Chuck Liddell, and many others. Tony says that in order for you to live a quality life, you need set certain standard of living for yourself; both physical as well as emotional standards.

Have you noticed how some people are not able to stand any kind of vulgar language in a conversation? These people have a set standard that no matter what, they will not tolerate any kind of abuse, whether it was blurted by mistake or not. They believe that hurling this language is a negative way of communication and damages a relationship. Hence, they do not even like to associate with people on a regular basis who are prone to use vulgarities in their language.

Another example are people who will not tolerate it if their home is not in order. I’m sure you know a few people like this. :-) If things are misplaced or if the house is not cleaned, they will make a fuss and will not rest until the house is in order. They have set standards that only a clean home is a place to live in and will not tolerate it if it is otherwise.

When you do not have any set standards or if your standards are not good enough, you will not fully attain your goal in entirety in your life. You will always be tempted to accept the normal standards or even below that in order to get things done. This will slowly deteriorate your value of life.

Think about what your standards are with some of the following:
Habits/Daily Routine
Free Time


So, how do you start setting standards for yourself?

1. Identify how you want to live your life

It is a must to know what you want in your life and to be specific. Identify the difference aspects of your life. Identify your relationship with your parents, spouse, children, your job, your career, your choice of residence, your car, your religion and basically anything that has importance in your life. Is this how you want your life to be? Are you contended?

2. Do you have a set standard in your life or are you compromising in any aspect of your life?

Once you identify different aspects of your life you need to understand if you have subconsciously set any standards for those aspects. You probably would have. You need to write them down and analyze it. Trust your instinct. If you feel that you are compromising on any aspect, you need to be truthful to yourself and make a commitment to set your standards higher.

3. Decide how you want to live and set your standards accordingly

This can be a difficult thing to do but is very essential. We are talking about changing your life here and you need to know exactly how you want to mold your life. It does not serve to be fuzzy at this point in time. You need to know if you need to change your job or eating habits. You need to know if you need to improve your relationship with your parents or if you need to stop the harassment from your spouse. From here, decide the standards that are acceptable to you and make a commitment to stick by them.

4. Read up on people who have high standards of living and try to integrate their lifestyle into yours.

Change is always happening in this universe. Hence, you need to be updated and interested in learning new things about how you can set your standards higher and benefit from them. Also, you need to be in touch with setting standards as it is very easy to fall back to your old ways.

5. Find a Buddy

Find someone else that wants to raise their standards as well and hold each other accountable. They might be looking to change a different area in their life which is fine, just make sure you help each other along the way. If you don’t have a buddy, find someone that you look up to as a role model. This could be a friend, someone in your family, or even a celebrity that has high standards.

6. Act

After learning so much about setting standards and what it can do for you, you need to take action and do something about your life today. Do not put off till tomorrow or even an hour. Make at least one decision that your committed to and do it.  Act now!
Being conscious of what you want and need in your life is very important; however this is what most people lack in their life. Many just live their life by some set standards by the society or their family and friends and never really find out who they are! Standards are yardsticks that will help you measure your life and its meaning.

When you find people asking themselves what purpose they have in life, you can be rest assured this person has no set standards on how to live his life. If you have high standards, you typically have a better idea of the purpose of your life. If not, you would at least be making an attempt to find out and not be left wondering what your purpose is or if there is any! Standards set you apart from others and many will respect you for the decisions you are able to make once you have your life in order. Not many can boast about making decisions that they are 100% happy with. But you can because you know exactly what you want! So go out there and act now! :-)

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