How many times per day do you get distracted? Are you one of those people that start something and find that 10 minutes later your already doing something else? So many people do this and need to learn to create habits that will serve them and allow them to be much more productive. If you learn to be successful with your time management, you will be able to get more done than you might think. I personally have been using a time management system that is “Purpose” based. It focuses on the end result, which helps motivate me further. Using “block” time and “Net Time” (read about Net Time in my post here) are also great ways to stay productive and get a lot more done everyday.

Here are some great tips you can follow to help increase your productivity though the roof. Keep in mind that many pf these sound very simple and might be obvious, but once they are put into action in your life, you will start to see amazing results.

1. Wake Up Early-Getting up early will make your day much more productive. Most people are not very productive and night and if they stay up very late, end up getting distracted on meaningless tasks like Facebook, reading forum posts, and other non productive tasks. Waking up earlier will allow you to get off to a good start and be productive.

2. Be Organized-Being organized saves a lot of time because you are not constantly searching for everything. It also allows your mind to be more free and open to creativity.

3. Develop a Routine-Having a daily routine and ritual will help you stay on track. You don’t necessarily need to have a ridged schedule, but having a plan and routine will help you get more done.

4. Block Time-Set aside time every day for certain tasks and activities. If you are trying to write a book or start a business, find time and block it off. During this time, don’t let anything else distract you. Close the door, turn off your internet connection, turn your phone off, tell others not to distract you, or anything else not to get distracted. Doing these things will allow you have time and finally get that project done. An hour a day, or even 30 minutes will allow you to get much more done than you might think.

5. Work First, Play Later-Do the most important tasks first and later have fun. Spend the beginning of your day getting the necessary things done. By doing this, you won’t be putting off what needs to be done. If you end up waiting, you either won’t get it done or it won’t be your best work.

Go out there and try these things. When applied, you will start to see many hours of free time every single week that will allow you to be more productive.



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